Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Welcome Back

"Hey, Scott is back!"  I may be paraphrasing a bit (albeit only a slight bit), but that quote more or less sums up C's reaction last Saturday.  Saturday was the day I resurfaced from the dopey chemotherapy haze.  By resurfacing, I mean my personality, sense of humor, and other components of our day to day reactions have come back into play.  This was actually a day later than occurred during the first cycle.  Last time it happened on Friday, and C was expecting and looking for "giggle Friday."  Well, giggle Saturday will just have to do.

Resurfacing notwithstanding, I'm still a tired puppy.  Sunday might illustrate the degree to which we have become, well, pretty boring.  ("Become boring?" some might ask.  "As if that is a new development!")  Friends K, Big W, and Little W called up on the telephone to announce the imminent delivery of a smoked chicken.  (As an aside, thanks for the smoked chicken!  Delicious!)  Big W got a smoker sometime back, and did what comes natural to any smoker owner: he smoked a load of ribs and four chickens.  One of the chickens got directed our way.  K calls at 7:30.  Mind you, C spent the day feeling a little under the weather and planned an early bedtime.  I seem to have an early bedtime regardless by virtue of getting tired early.  C answered the phone, and while I can't be certain how the exchange went, I assume it went something like this:

K: "Hey, I'm going to bring you a chicken!"
C: "Tonight?"
K: "Yea, we'll be over pretty soon."
C: "Pretty soon?  Like in fifteen minutes?  I'll be asleep at 8:00.  I mean your chicken sounds great and all..."
K: "What are you? Six?"

Embrace your early bedtime, I say!  The revolution may not be televised, but had certainly better be over by dinner time.

In other news, the hair loss seems to have stabilized.  I'll be interested to see what that means.  Do I have the hairs that survived the first round of chemo, but are waiting to fall prey to the second?  Or do I have the hairs that laugh in the face of poison and will ride out the whole circus?  Are my eyebrows safe?  I'm guessing no, but time will tell.

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  1. glad you liked it!!
    I hope we cook more soon.. maybe you will get ribs and the key lime pie!