Monday, August 16, 2010

Blueberry Fields Forever

Today's distraction from chemotherapy came in the form of a lesson in micro-investing.  A couple of years ago, I watched and enjoyed two documentaries about mountain biking: Off Road to Athens and 24 Solo.  Last year I learned, probably as a result of putting my e-mail address on one too many spam lists, that the film makers were working on a new film project following Team Columbia at the 2009 Tour de France.  The film makers were seeking micro investors.  In short, the film makers requested a donation of $100.  In exchange, an investor would receive a free DVD and repayment of the $100 once production was done and costs were recouped.  I figured, why not?  I liked the first two movies, was very interested in the new one, and wanted to see the film made.  At best, I would get an approximate 30% return on the investment (cost of the DVD); at worst the project would fail, my money would disappear, and I would be staring in the face of a reckless expenditure.

Well, today the postal service delivered a copy of the film on DVD and a check for $100.  Assuming the check clears, we've got a best case scenario.  Anyway, I was glad to have played a (minor) role in helping the film along and look forward to the movie (which, by the by, has been well reviewed).

Slow days in the fighting lymphoma realm.  If the first two cycles are any indication, the days following an infusion are characterized by a fair degree of listlessness, sprinkled with liberal doses of napping.  Yesterday we broke routine to join Family C-T up at Glen Alps for some afternoon berry picking.  Despite appearances at our house, the mountains captured the first sunshine Anchorage has seen since... April?  It was a short walk and a good afternoon, although I again had to nap when we got back home.  I spent a few hours at work today, and will spend a few more hours there tomorrow.

C and I went for a short walk in the rain this evening.  As we were headed home, we passed two kids on bikes peddling around an alley.  One kid coached the other, explaining: "As you peddle, do a pop-a-wheelie, or whatever."  I thought I would include those words here now because I think each of us can learn a little something from his wisdom.


  1. "Or whateveh" is right! If we were back in Jersey, I'd surely pop more than a wheelie! Broady, you amaze me ole friend. If there's anything that'll kick the stranglehold, it's you and your introspective wit, strength, grace. I so appreciate your sharing, both the personal, emotional ride and the educational. You ROCK. Big, big hugs, Broady!

  2. Pondering over your blog title again, I realized my feeble attempt at guessing the name flopped. Pythons strangle, not cobras - even here in Canada. Oy vay... So curious, Broady. Also, did we ever compare notes on our inaugural Rush concerts?! Pittsburgh, 7th grade- rocked the house! Xo

  3. So how were the berries?

  4. To Anon: Hey, they're Alaska blueberries! They're delicious!