Saturday, December 27, 2014

Top Ten Nude Celebrities of 2014

Some of you may recall that I wrapped up 2013 with Cobras in Alaska's first annual top-ten list.  That post was a resounding success by any measure.  Subjectively, it was quite easy to write.  And objectively, it has proven to be a real driver of readership.  For one, unlike most other posts, the 2013 top-ten list generated a comment (with a riveting film recommendation).  And second, by titling the post the “The Top Ten Nude Celebrities of 2013,” I actually pulled in traffic.  I've noted before that Google (our benevolent keepers here at Blogspot) provide analytics on the back-end, though I have reason to doubt their accuracy.  Among other things, the analytics provide a list of search terms visitors to the site use to get here.  That list is usually populated (if at all) by “cobrasinalaska,” suggesting that the only people navigating here through the popular search engine are doing so deliberately.  But just this last month, the following showed up in the list: “topten nude blogspot.”  Fantastic!  I'm finally learning the important lessons of search engine optimization!

So, building on last year's success, I am proud to present the second annual Cobras in Alaska year end top ten list, which once again has nothing to do with nude celebrities.  I once again hope the list proves helpful to each of you as you either map out the details of the coming year or prepare to let chance again dictate your fate.

  1. Szechuan peppercorns.
  2. Dayton, Ohio.
  3. Reality TV shows based on musk-ox.
  4. Celebrating the pinnacle of modern pop-music by hosting a “Hits of 1984” dance party.
  5. Columbus, Ohio.
  6. Tibetan throat singers.
  7. Voodoo.
  8. Celebrating the pinnacle of modern film-making by hosting a “Hits of 1984” movie party.
  9. Popcorn.
  10. Clean teeth.

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  1. Happy birthday Scott! In the name of tradition I will add a film rec to the nude list, but this doubles as a birthday present. Your welcome.