Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Welcome to the Cobras in Alaska post-mid-term election analysis edition of the blog.  The mid-terms are always exciting because no one shows up at the polls.  Anything can happen once the votes are counted.  I thought I would take this opportunity to run through the highlights in Alaska, like Representative Don Young proving, again, that you can insult an auditorium of high school students and still get swept back into office by a significant majority.  Young effectively blamed the entire student body for the recent suicide of a classmate and “used profanity and started talking about bull sex when confronted with a question about same-sex marriage.”  It will take more than that for the good people of Alaska to turn him out of office.  I suppose proving yourself immune to corruption investigations gives a guy a certain amount of confidence when the vote count starts coming in.

Luckily, Alaska went on and made marijuana legal.  Presumably the voters anticipated another Young term and thought it wise to provide legal access to a wider range of self-medication options.  After hearing that the legalize it measure had passed, I decided to pull into the grocery store on the way home today from work.  I wandered around the produce section looking for a selection of pot strains.  It turns out that the grocery store isn't stocking weed, nor will they.  What was the point of passing that measure again?

It looks like I missed posting in October, which suggests I should have lots to summarize.  But sitting here now, I can't think of a thing.  Except that I found the Hells Angels' club house.  C was out of town, what was it?  Late September?  I ran a 10k, had a reasonably respectable result, and celebrated by going for a long walk through mid-town.  Out on some side street, I walked by this:

I thought about taking some pictures, but something about the pole mounted surveillance cameras made me think that doing so would trigger the release of burly guys in denim intent on smashing my Nikon... or worse.  So I just kept walking, finding the above picture on Google maps.  Curious, I later conducted a search of the interwebs, learning that the building is “fortified” and, perhaps unsurprisingly, has been the safe house for drug deliveries.  I guess it is just as well that I didn't knock and try to make friends.  Think legal marijuana will cut into their profits?  Hope they can continue to make rent.  

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