Thursday, September 2, 2010

Three Down

I received my third treatment yesterday.  That is the third of six.  Depending on how you look at it, I'm half way through.  The alternate view is I will not be at the half way point until I surface from this batch of side effects.  Either way, we're that much closer to bidding adieu to the leather chairs (aside from occasional tuneups, which are limited to one of the 5 primary chemo drugs and should have limited side effects).

Luckily, the Vuelta de Espana (Tour of Spain) bike race is underway.  It gives me something to relax to while shaking off the fogginess and leaden tongue.

Short post today.  Just a celebratory nod to the passing of time.  Some moments you want to last a life time and others can't expire fast enough.  My last treatment is on November 3rd.  I feel a little like a kid staring at December 25th on the calendar wondering if Christmas will ever really come.

But the really good news is that the chemo seems to be doing what it is designed to do.  Previously swollen lymph nodes are undetectable.  The other good news is that my blood counts were good this round.  I have a blood draw every three weeks prior to a treatment to analyze various parameters of my red and white blood cells.  Prior to the second treatment, my white cell counts were on the low side of borderline.  As such, I've started getting a shot to boost production, and it seemed to work.  Counts were good; treatment a go.


  1. Here's to halfway! And glad to hear you are seeing positive results. Not sure when we could visit because of A and Z, but let us know if you are up for company.

  2. Will tip a glass of good ole Virginia wine in celebration to your milestone - Here's to 3 down- judi r

  3. Thanks all. Now that I've emerged from the worst of the round three side effects, it really feels like halfway. I'll look forward to a glass of Virginia wine (or some suitable replacement) some time later this winter! And truly, if anyone deserves a "Way to go," it is you K-Dawg! That is one finely decorated noggin!